28 September 2021

How to Set Up Your Own eBay Sales Funnel

The subject of how to set up your own e-commerce site, giving you the ability to source products at wholesale prices and re-sell them back on eBay is an increasingly popular topic amongst internet entrepreneurs.

To be successful at this, those who want to achieve success must understand how to get traffic. Once you have those interested buyers, you can then put your product front and centre on your site. This is how you go about setting up an e-commerce system.

So why would you want to set up an e-commerce site?

For starters, most people make the decision to set up an e-commerce site to generate additional income from a regular job or to leave the 9-5 rat race. The ability to work from home and give up the commute that they previously had to endure, and to access a more flexible working schedule gives them more freedom and the ability to create their own work schedule, as well as to be more with their family.

However, while you could just set up a simple e-commerce site to supply information, and I would certainly advise this if you can find the time between jobs to do so, I would go a step further and create a business. Setting up an e-commerce site that you can present to potential customers will give you the opportunity to create a very attractive sales funnel. This is why it is so important to simply from the beginning, create a product that you can offer to your customers at wholesale prices, in the hope that they will buy more items from you in the future.

Once you start to generate a regular amount of sales from your e-commerce site, it will be in the interests of your customers to buy more products from you, while most of the time you will be making money on the initial sale from them anyway!

To summarise, if you are looking to create a personal product to sell on eBay, its rather a good idea to start converting the first $ reserved form you eBay for the price of your product. If you are not able to do this, then find things you can sell to other people that can provide to your clients at a very generous price as well. These could be consignment shop sales, second hand goods, or even old items that others are currently not using for their businesses.

Finally, if you are able to source your product from a wholesaler at fairly a high price, then you should definitely consider buying in bulk, particularly if you are going to resell them on eBay.

Having said that, you are aware of the limited amount of time you have to date when setting your e-commerce site up, and there are very few people in the world (apart from me) who can do this on their own.

To get into the business of how to set up your own e-commerce site, you will need to invest in one of the many resources on eBay. I would recommend that you start with the guides available from eBay. They are just rights, and often the customers have been given more than one opportunity to replace the guide with their own information, and there are even formal templates to manual all the content at the present a visitor wants to create.

The bottom line is that it’s a whole lot easier for someone else to do it than it is for you to do something that requires a certain skill or an amount of time, and you have an existing eBay account to start with!

Setting up a website is the first step to setting up your self-employed venture and once you have taken the leap and done it on your own, you can move on to help other people to do the same thing!