20 June 2021

How to Create a Marketing Plan for your Recruitment Agency

If your marketing plan doesn’t work, then it probably isn’t a marketing plan at all.

Most recruiting professionals struggle with their marketing. Let me ask you this question. When you write your marketing plan, does your marketing plan involve a plan to get more viewers to your website? If it does, then why can’t you just get more viewers, and recruit clients into your recruitment agency?

The answer to this question can make you a more effective recruiter. I’m not talking about if you accomplish it by luck or anything like that. I’m talking about time.

There are thousands of strategies that a successful online recruitment agency demonstrates and one of the most difficult and effective strategies I have seen is thought leadership content. The notion of thought leadership content concerns testing your target audience’s thought patterns. You need to be a part of their thought patterns. You need to know what they are thinking and what they need. If you can create a content piece that presents your unique thought patterns, and if you write it in an entertaining way all of your target audience will view your content and read your marketing material. You will create content that provides directed thought.

Be sure to pay close attention to each time your target market views your content. They will also thank you for the reward of seeing you break yourself out of their thought pattern. A content piece that does just that, breaks you out of the habit of thinking among your target market, you are wining ! great content online is the best of the best.

A number of us do not know much about the psychology of thought patterns. But I have seen enough research on thought patterns and marketing to make some startling statements about successful practices among recruiters who follow thought patterns.

The most successful recruitment professionals win all their clients’ confidence through content, articles and some form of strategist writing that focuses on the biggest challenges they face. They write content that is compelling and that help’s a client’s recruiters as they try to better themselves in their profession.

These content are written in a way that the recruiters know they are writing for a target market and that they will be noticed by a group of readers. They provide thought leader content that does not present hard facts and data. They provide insight that allows the reader to empathize with the frustration of the portrayed problem recruiters bring to the table.

Given the slower search helps busier recruitment professionals, providing content that is considered Thought Leader Material, warrants recognition as a business specific branding factor. The content has earned a lot of positive business attention and that’s one of the challenges you face when developing your content strategy, you need to identify the right people in a target audience.

You can write content for someone in the HR department, or your recruiters’ wives in the office. Who is it that is a focus of your market?

When you focus a marketing strategy that focuses on that target person, you set yourself up to better success because your content focuses in on the most important person concerned with your success. Of course if you are trying to attract a senior business executive and you’re sign up Mother of the Year into your recruitment agency, then your content needs to be harder hitting.

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